>6 episode TV series concept initially pitched to Red Planet Pictures UK; historical fiction tracing the rise of a Chinese immigrant to fame and fortune despite prevailing prejudices in 19th century Australia.

>45 minute radio drama submitted to BBC; historical fiction set in America’s South in 1907 about a mixed-race band of singers who come face to face with a white supremacist senator, “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman.


>Book unravelling the ambiguous story of a little-known band of singers from Richmond, Virginia in the early 1900s. First mixed-race act to tour America, praised by Twain, recorded by Edison, they stopped after a decade as threats of lynching loomed.


>Feature film script based on the book I’m writing.

>Book or historical drama TV series based on a real-life dynasty of high-achieving African Americans I am researching, beginning with John, born a slave, who became America’s first celebrity chef, and his descendants:¬† a pioneering civil rights publisher, a pioneering black baseball player; a composer of Tin Pan Alley hits and a celebrity mortician!

>Feature film script based on the true story of a civil rights activist who “passed” as white to investigate brutal lynchings in America’s South in the 1920s.

>Documentary on a Chinese-Australian girl who, aged 14, broke the world motorboat speed record in 1934, a record only beaten 10 years later by a man.


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